Chris Lam Sam - Author
Angela Keoghan - Author/Illustrator

Chris Lam Sam


Born the son of a yodelling carpenter and a piano-playing bank clerk, Chris enjoyed a music filled childhood while growing up in Wellington, New Zealand.

He eventually graduated as a qualified composer in 2003 then later studied to become a registered primary school teacher.

In 2008 he left the classroom for the stage and screen, performing in his band for children, The Funky Monkeys.

Fast forward to the present – on any given day you might spot Chris being an entertainer, composer, and touring educator in schools.


Angela Keoghan

Co-Author and Illustrator

Angela grew up in the lush green farming community of Hamilton, New Zealand, where she spent her childhood surrounded by animals, making huts and having adventures. Not surprisingly her school years were spent depicting that love for exploration, nature and beauty through art, photography, design and drawing.

In 2002 she received a Bachelor of Media Arts with Honours majoring in Photography at WINTEC and started her freelance life. Angela has been a full-time illustrator since 2009 and regularly illustrates for projects across the globe. She lives in the countryside with her husband Jayden and dog ‘Mr Woods’.

Early sketch of Inspector Brunswick

Early sketch of Inspector Brunswick